Northern Beaches Herbarium

This site is a work in progress and will be added to continually as the seasons change and as I come across more plants for the first time.  All computer assistance has been given free of charge by Olof Elvingson at Avalon Computers and without it the project would not have got off the ground. I owe him a great deal of thanks.

Plant Identification

Identify a plant by browsing through the photo album of a specific flower colour (or predominant colour) or choose one of the other options if the plant does not have significant flowers.  If the plant has only fruit and it is not in the Fruits and Seeds album, search using the word fruit

You can also search using the plant's botanical name, common name, major plant family such as pea, orchid, daisy or where it grows such as dunes, coastal scrub, heath, woodland, forest, rainforest, alluvial flats, swamps or aquatic.

Further Information

For identification, I have used the following sources.  They are all excellent.

Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney (2003) by  Les Robinson.  ISBN 0 7318 1211 5. 

Native Plants of the Sydney District by Fairley and Moore (1995) ISBN 0 7318 1031 7 (out of print)

Acacias of Southeast Australia by Terry Tame (1992) ISBN 0 8641 7475 6 (out of print)

Beach Plants of South Eastern Australia by Roger Carolin and Peter Clarke (1991) ISBN 0 6460 5147 4 (out of print) 

Eucalypts of the Sydney Region by Gary Leonard (2007) ISBN 978 086840 862 0

Native Plant Species at Risk from Bitou Bush Invasion by Hamilton, Winkler and Downey (2008) DECC ISBN 978 74122 446 7

Garden Escapees and Other Weeds of Bushland and Reserves by Inkson, Smith and Strachan (2007) Great Lakes Council

PlantNET, the website of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney and the identification staff at RBG Botanical IS

Comments, corrections, criticisms or information about plants that are not on the site are welcomed at  


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